Galapagos Islands trip 28 Dec 2011 - 4 Jan 2012 - Page #4

Waved Albatross soaring above the cliffs.
This is called "the airport". Waved Albatross - these birds have a 7 foot wingspan.
Espanola Island is their primary breeding ground. A Galapagos Hawk was also here. A Nazca Booby on a nest. An immature Nazca Booby.
The only snake we saw during the week. This is called "the Blowhole" for obvious reasons. More Waved Albatross. Two adults teaching two young. A Blue Footed Booby. Why were they named that??
A Nazca Booby with one egg.
A second egg will be laid. When they hatch,
the strongest will cast out the other.
This is known as siblicide. Here is one with the winner! Make sure you wash your hands after this hike! Nazca Boobies and Marine Iguanas. Another Blue Footed Booby.
Marine Iguana. Lava Lizard. Marine Iguanas hanging out. New Year's Eve dinner on the Cachalote. Chef Pedro made us a cake.

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