Galapagos Islands trip 28 Dec 2011 - 4 Jan 2012 - Page #5

And a turkey with champagne. Day 5 - 1 Jan 2012 Floreana Island Itinerary A Lava Heron seen while landing at Punta Cormorant. Blue Footed Boobies near the landing. We were greeted by a crab.
A collection of underwater creatures. All of the flowers on the islands are yellow.
There is only one bee native to the islands. A sea turtle swimming near shore. Stingrays near shore. The girls at play once again.
Crabbie is always nearby. A Great Blue Heron as we land at Post Office Bay. The "Post Office".
You can leave postcards here and hope another traveler
will pick it up and deliver it.
We picked up two with Denver addresses and we hand delivered them.
They had been left only 4 days earlier. A full view of the Post Office. Day 6 - 2 Jan 2012  Santa Cruz Island Itinerary.
A Great Blue Heron at our landing site at Dragon Hill. American Flamingos in a lagoon They live in the lagoons and filter-feed brine shrimp and algae. We only saw three. Flamingos

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