Galapagos Islands trip 28 Dec 2011 - 4 Jan 2012 - Page #6

Flamingos Flamingo Dragon Hill was aptly named.
This is a Land Iguana. A view of the bay from the top of Dragon Hill.
We called this Hershey Kiss Island in honor of one of our
companions whose name is Hershey. Arden approaching a Land Iguana.
They do not seem bothered by us. The Great Blue Heron was still at our landing site. Eric on the beach with a Brown Pelican in flight behind him. Then we motored to Santiago Island.
There was a recent lava flow (150 years ago) at Sullivan Bay. The lava flows here are very similary to Hawaii.
Black lava everywhere.
We snorkeled earlier here and I had penguins and sea lions swim by me. This is Sylvia, our naturalist on the trip. This cactus was the only thing growing in the lava. This is where the new lava flow stopped. Day 7 - 3 Jan 2012  Tower Island Itinerary.
It took 7 hours to motor here the previous night.
A Black-crowned Night Heron. A female Great Frigatebird. Our first Red-footed Booby sighting with a Frigatebird. A male Great Frigatebird.
During mating season, the red throat pouch inflates like a balloon. A Nazca Booby with 2 eggs!!!
Which one will survive?

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