Galapagos Islands trip 28 Dec 2011 - 4 Jan 2012 - Page #7

Red-footed Booby. More Red-footed Boobies. They live in Spartan conditions. This one is cooling off. A male Nazca Booby has built a nest and waiting for a female.
Where's the TV?
Red-footed Booby on a nest. This Nazca Booby looks like he has attracted a female to his nest. Petrels, gulls, and Boobies swarming the cliffs. Immature Frigatebird on the nest. These Boobies seemed to be discussing whose nest this was.
And it got very <a href="movies/MVI_1849_x264.mp4">animated!</a>
Descending Prince Phillip's Steps.
Prince Philip funded the construction.
Eric (a Brit), commented: "What did he pay, $100!" Travelling in the Zodiacs. After snorkeling (hoping to see sharks), we saw these
back at the boat. They were about 10 feet long. I don't think anyone wanted to see these while snorkeling! Swallow-tailed Gull on nest with baby.
Immature Night Heron. The adult Night Heron. A Mockingbird in our footprints. And a Marine Iguana nearby. Here is our traveling party.
Eric, Ed, Hershey, Brooke, Mary Ann, Greg, Rainer
Mario, Joy, Monica, Aubrey, Ashley, Arden, Lee, Eva

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